Butterflies4You shares the beauty, mystery and wonder of butterflies. After ethically sourcing unique butterflies from around the world, we create one-of-a-kind artwork featuring real butterflies fashioned into jewelry, artisan pieces or housed in brilliant acrylic to make them appear to be flying in crystal.


Our mission is to continuously achieve the highest quality art creations featuring a wide variety of real butterflies in unique artwork, always employing sustainable and ethically conscious practices while prioritizing our commitment to the growth and preservation of protected species.



Whether you select one of our creations or prefer to work with us to design your own unique gift or decoration item, each artisan piece by Butterflies4You is certain to show your thoughtfulness and originality.

Our meticulous process for framing and appropriately sealing the butterflies in acrylic guarantees to keep away any moisture, provides full transparency and preserves the shapes and colors of all butterflies allowing you to admire for decades all their beauty and details from any angle desired.

Butterflies are natural symbols of beauty, endurance, change, hope and life... the perfect message for your home, business or event.